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Osmosis Jones is one of those movies you almost feel like you have to apologize for liking. Well, forget about it, because this is a very silly and downright captivating movie with no class whatsoever!

The scenes bounce between live acting and fleshy animation, obvious by whether we are outside or inside the body of Frank. The casting for this funny and irregular movie was expertly chosen for both live and verbalize roles.

Live, we have Bill Murray as Frank, in his most disgusting character since Caddyshack. Chris Elliot plays his brother Bob, and manages to challenge Murray in the “disgusting slob” category. Murray eats a hard boiled egg that landed in monkey doodoo, and thus introduces Thrax into his body, a red-death virus distinct to retract over Frank and slay him. (voiced by Laurence Fishburne)

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Inside of Frank, we go to the animation where Chris Rock is the train of our hero, a white blood cell named Osmosis Jones. Jones is a detective for the City Of Frank, where William Shatner does the teach for Mayor Phlemming. Jones knows something is unfavorable, but the Mayor denies any illness could occur in Frank. But objective to be helpful, he “manually overrides” Frank and has him choose a cool pill.

Meet Drix, the stout and snotty frosty pill, whose yelp is played by David Hyde Pierce (Frazier’s brother Niles) . Jones and Drix do an unlikely team as they hunt down Thrax and try to end him from killing Frank.

Nothing is taboo here; they go to the nose and come by caught up in the wave of snot when Frank’s allergies act up, they fade to The Zit, Frank’s hottest fresh club where Kidney Rock is playing (Kidd Rock), and Jones reminisces about the time he hit the “Scare Button” in Frank’s stomach, causing him to vomit all over his daughter Shane’s teacher. (played live action by Molly Shannon)

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Boogers, snot, vomit, farts, and zits; its all here. Ron Howard even does a guest suppose as Tom Colonic, running for Mayor against Phlemming, who broadcasts his campaign commercial from The Bowels.

This is visceral entertainment with a squishy feel to it, riotously comical and well endowed with toilet humor; comical campy comedy at its very best. In David Litton’s pleasurable review below, he mentioned that this was a “Fun Time-waster”. Indeed it is, David. Savor!

I’ve been a 5th grade teacher for 5 years and have shown this movie each year as a reward after learning about the human body in science/health. The kids, for the most share, really bask in it. There is impartial enough putrid stuff in there to substandard them out – which they adore! As a teacher, I unprejudiced treasure the entire analogy of the epic – every petite cell in the body is working toward the same goal – keeping Frank alive. The kids like it, and I also relish it. There are some moments in there that are more adult humor that the kids don’t even bag, so I’m able to secure a laugh out of it.
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